A magic dwells in each beginning…

daddy an big daughter with blue WichtelWarm cape

Start over new and do something totally different…, who hasn’t dreamt of that occacionally?
One year ago I started my own business. That was the start of Dilassi and I was suddenly an entrepreneur, a mompreneur and a solopreneur. It wasn’t easy. I mean, who resigns a well paid part-time job as a pharma manager to start a project with dubious outcome?
You need to be crazy. Or have a vision. Or both.

My vision is, that families can be outside more and experience nature and life as they change throughout the year. Out there, in the real world, our kids grow and develop their skills. Families should be able to live close to nature and be mobile and experience the seasons in all weathers.

That’s why I developed the WichtelWarm cape, the all-weather cover for our kids riding along on bike seats. Come rain or shine, this is how we mothers and fathers can flexibly take the bike with our little ones. The kids stay warm and cozy on the way to kindergarten and trips to sports, to town or out into the woods.

More sustainable products by Dilassi to come. Stay tuned.